Whooa! it's actually done!

A project log for The home cinema table

A table specialized for storing home cinema equipment

ØysteinØystein 01/02/2019 at 13:050 Comments

in my exemplary bad updating schedule i am here to report the the table is finished. Like almost a month a go. That's a long time. I waited a long time to be able to finnish this project. mainly because when i designed my table legs i use a lumber cut in a special dimension and type (soem sibirian larch). so i had to special order it. Cheap(not really). Here are some pictures.

Was interesting CAM(computer aided manufacturing)work for this lumber as I havent work with lumber in the cnc machione before this project.

as you can clearly see here it is designed to be assembled and dissassembled without any tools. that said the tabletop is at least 40kg and 2,2 meter long. so it is a two man operation.

test assembly completed.

The table in it's natural habitat. It works really well so far, the sounds system is connected and put on the top shelf and the integrated light work nicely . since everything is automated with home assistant and the light strip is rgb i plan making and automation so that when the movie is paused the lightstrip is turned. I also plan for to light up red so it is more comforting for your eyes.