interesting data starting to come in

A project log for Well Watcher

An Arduino and Raspberry Pi system to monitor the water level in my residential tanks and pump fill times and system water leak detection.

Michael CMichael C 09/01/2015 at 01:150 Comments

now that's it's in the tank and basically working, along with the pump current sensing arduino, i'm starting to see some interesting data.

here's a pic of the Water level (blue), Air temp in tank (green), and the pump current (black)

it's very dry and years of drought here. i know i can pump thousands of gallons in one pull in the spring time.

here we can see the pump time shorten for each successive pull. the last one always gets cut short by the level sensor in the tank.

i look forward to plotting the number of pulls it takes and the time/gallons in each pull.

as noted earlier, i have the water coming in from the inlet at the top taking a right turn and shooting horizontally away from the sensor. but i believe this results in too much surface turbulence and accounts for a number of features in the blue curve. i intend to turn the fill line down into the water below the water line to prevent this. i will use a T connector at the top so that air can get in and out of the fill line as needed.