Expansion valve and prototype coil

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Cooling the core body temperature of people diagnosed with MS.

extremerocketsextremerockets 08/17/2015 at 19:110 Comments

This is my prototype expansion valve that I have made for the refrigeration system. I have incorporated both a flow control needle valve and a 0.010" flow controlling orifice. The idea behind the orifice is to make the liquid R134A spray into the evaporator coil. I added the needle valve so that I can experiment with different flow rates of R134A entering the evaporator coil. As stated in previous project logs, I am using AN fittings to connect the various parts of the refrigeration system together.

As pictured above is the whole expansion valve and the evaporator coil. I am going to make a new smaller coil that will fit better inside the heat exchanger tube. This is just to give an idea of how the system is progressing.