A project log for ESPLux - Smarts for your downlights

A circuit you can place inline with your existing low voltage lights to allow for wireless control

mattMatt 07/24/2015 at 07:242 Comments


I have been sick, so sorry for the lack of updates. Good news though! My cases arrived! Thanks goes to HAD for providing me with a $100 gift voucher for, where I got my cases laser cut. Make sure you go in the hotlists in the future if there are more, they are well worth it!

There are a few things that could be improved from this design, but overall I am very happy with it! First some photos, then I'll explain what could be improved.

There are a few more pictures after the break.

Two things that could be fixed, first up, i screwed up the location of the Wi-Fi Reset hole. Fail. If you turned the case around 180 degrees, it works, but then the AC and DC terminals aren't lined up. Ah well, it'll be fixed in the next revision.

The second thing, I engraved the case to allow a bit of air to flow around the rectifier, but it wasn't deep enough by any stretch of the imagination. Future versions I'll set it to engrave deeper.

You can see in the last photo the ESPLux in its shipping box. I think it works pretty well! I'm getting close to being able to ship them off to HAD for judging.

Thanks again HAD for all your support with my project. The prizes I have won along the way have gone a long way in helping me along my journey.


arcol wrote 07/26/2015 at 20:26 point

Three little advises:

DC output should be wired to either side of the box to ease placing in any orientation.

Spring connector instead of screw one. It gets loose over time if placed outside.

Different color for input and output connectors. ( the one you use is readily available in green and orange color)

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Eric Hertz wrote 07/24/2015 at 07:43 point

nice case-work!

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