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A project log for Organ Pedalboard MIDI Conversion

Arduino Uno shield & sketch to convert the input from 32 switches to MIDI notes via Hiduino firmware

Johan CronjeJohan Cronje 08/31/2016 at 23:050 Comments

Just a quick update - the project is still alive, just went on a brief hiatus! The pedalboard concept has been completed using reed switches & works perfectly with Hauptwerk. I may upgrade the reed switches I used to a higher quality in the future, as the the junky eBay ones I bought in bulk aren't the most consistent.

In the meantime other parts of the console are in process. We managed to find 2 nice piston rails on eBay which will be used with the 3 M-Audio Keystation MIDI keyboards. I'm considering redesigning the MIDI shield and using a Teensy 3.2 to simplify the MIDI software, as I need several more inputs for the piston rails, stops & pedals.

More detailed updates shortly!