Full Assembly Tutorial Video

A project log for Gas Sensor For Emergency Workers

Gas sensor "grenade" that may save lives instead of taking them. The sensor can be thrown into dangerous areas to remotely report levels

Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 09/11/2015 at 23:170 Comments

Finally finished up the assembly video so others can easily reproduce this project for themselves. Between the assembly instructions, heavily commented code, design files, PCB layout and general project updates I think just about anyone should be able to build this project now.

The OSH Park PCB's worked amazing! I am super happy with the results considering I had zero experience in Fritzing before this project. The Fritzing files need to be cleaned up a bit for both my Hackaday projects but overall they do the job quite well.

There is the full assembly of all the electronics/PCB components. Enjoy!

Next video I'll show the assembly into the ball and some further testing/fun.

Build one yourself. Make it better. Share it back! Cheers