Final Assembly Video Tutorial

A project log for Gas Sensor For Emergency Workers

Gas sensor "grenade" that may save lives instead of taking them. The sensor can be thrown into dangerous areas to remotely report levels

Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 09/17/2015 at 01:270 Comments

Finally got around to shooting the final assembly video and some testing. Overall I am super pleased with the results of this project. At the heart of it- I truly believe there is a product which can make a real difference to real people all around the word. Getting it out there completely open-source via Hackaday was just amazing timing and I couldn't be happier.

In the video you can see I switched around the transmitter module. In the next revisions I will need to get a better gas sensor (commercial grade) but in the interim I will just remove the individual gas readouts and make this unit transmit a simple SAFE, WARN, or DANGER call out for all 3.

Also thanks to comments here I will add an RGB LED so it will provide a visual indication as well in case the user is within sight and wishes to use that as an indicator. As well I will add some battery voltage monitoring with LED and voice call out as well. Very cool :)

Make one, make it better, share it back with the world! Cheers