Long overdue update

A project log for Gas Sensor For Emergency Workers

Gas sensor "grenade" that may save lives instead of taking them. The sensor can be thrown into dangerous areas to remotely report levels

Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 02/03/2017 at 17:380 Comments

As some new people are following this project each week I thought I'd post that last year it did end up receiving 4th place in the Hackaday Prize 2015 contest!

Fast Forward to 22:55 Here:

I reached out to MSA equipment a few times in hopes they would add the project to their line of equipment but they did not respond to a single mail. In speaking to one person I got the distinct impression they did not understand the concept of open-source and could take the project free of charge.

It may have also been the fact that now the design was in the public domain it would not be possible to protect it via patents :)

Hopefully someone will produce the gas sensor in the future and perhaps save some lives. This year I saw several instances (again) where multiple people died trying to rescue each other. Check out this recent example from January 2017