A project log for M.R. E.T. C.E.T.E.R.A #0

Modular Robotic Ecosytem To Clean EveryThing Even(tually) RadioActivity

Dylan James CarrDylan James Carr 03/25/2015 at 01:530 Comments

So I figure I'll throw my hat in the ring for the 2015 prize and see what happens. It's still very barebones on this page but I'll be beefing it up as the week goes along.

I welcome any suggestions and constructive criticism as I am certainly an amateur at this point. On that note, I'd be interested in putting together a team, ideally a 2-6 person team with individuals who can specialize on certain elements. I myself am becoming fairly well versed in solar technology and can put that together no problem. Designing and programming robots is something I'm very interested in but have no experience in.

Team or no I am going to get rolling with this now, stay tuned!