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Solving a key farming problem: is it safe to harvest / spray / sow today? (+experiments with 'big' data in agriculture)

pastcomputepastcompute 10/26/2015 at 13:500 Comments

Congratulations to all the top 10 finalists, you well deserved it!

We've had a bit of a break, and will be progressing our experiments a little more leisurely for the next while.

Next task is to deal with power issues. I need to do some repairs and design a more reliable power feed, so we can deploy a reliable operational sensor in time for harvest to see how it compares with actual working measurements. By the end of things we were having a lot of trouble with nodes crashing and having to drive out and cycle the power, yet working fine in the lab. I put it down to overloading the regulator in the USB converter, which was not really the best solution by a long shot, but we ran out of time to do it properly.

As part of evaluating the microcontroller architectures we used, I may have a spin off soon too