Ping Pong Ball Audio Spectrum Analyzer (PPBASA)

Audio spectrum rendered with ping pong balls.

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Created for a Microchip Contest. I help work with several members of MAG Laboratories ( in Pomona in building this Ping Pong Ball Audio Spectrum Analyzer. The original project consisted an Uno32 and a custom shield. The project takes in an audio signal and runs an FFT on the signal and creates frequency bins. The 16 bins from the FFT are used to create 16 PWM outputs that drive small fans at the bottom of 16 tubes that contain one ping pong ball each.

Later geeks at PONTECH revamped the project for the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire and swapped out the Uno32 and the custom shield for a chipKIT based PONTECH Quick240 loaded with 4 Drive Kards. The picture shown is of us displaying the device at the 2014 Bay Area Maker Faire.

Larry Page founder of Google stopped by to have a look and lost interest after about 5 seconds. He also failed to offer to buy PONTECH for $2B (we would have accepted $1B, but don't tell Larry).

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Trent Sterling wrote 04/10/2017 at 18:23 point

This really makes me want to try a water pump version! Sweet project man!

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Jacob Christ wrote 04/10/2017 at 18:25 point

Haha!  That's a great idea.  If I had a place for it I have wanted to build one of these: 

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Trent Sterling wrote 04/10/2017 at 18:27 point

That video gave me a weird sense of vertigo! I was falling with the drops! 

Now I have to explain to my wife why I've taken over the bath tub!

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