part 6: Megapixy goes open source!

A project log for Megapixy: a 13" Retina-class screen on a boom arm.

Google's $1300 Chromebook Pixel has an awesome screen. i only want the screen.

tshen2tshen2 05/24/2015 at 14:161 Comment

i am happy to announce that the Megapixy design files are now available online for your viewing/modding/hacking pleasure.

this took awhile. it turns out, when many of my design files are over a year old, i need quite a bit of time to organize them!

Megapixy is an adventure in sourcing parts. you will probably struggle to find the PCB receptacle for the IPEX micro-coaxial cable, as well as the cable itself. i have spares! contact me and i can help you.

have a great day :)

Tshen2 2015


Cortburris wrote 03/10/2016 at 23:14 point

what is the maximum resolution this can display? Would it work, for example, with this 4k eDP monitor:

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