Skull_001 is an 8 bit pocket synthesizer and 16 step sequencer. It is the same size of one playing card. It is based on the PIC16LF1825.

Skull_001 Specification:

  • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 18 mm.

  • Battery: CR2032.

  • Monophonic synth.

  • 8bit microcontroller.

  • 240 notes from 16 Hz to 15 KHz in half semitones steps.

  • 2 pulse wave with variable duty cycle and detune.

  • 1 saw wave with detune.

  • Attack and Release envelope.

  • Main Volume control.

  • Low pass filter with frequency cutoff control.

  • LFO with three waves ( triangle, saw, square), amplitude modulation control and three possible destination (pitch, dutycycle, cutoff).

  • 16 step sequencer with tempo, note duration control, rests and ties. Number of steps is controllable and the sequencer has the following modes: fwd, bwd, pendulum and random.

  • 1 memory bank to save all the configurations of the synth.

  • General detune of the synth in semitones.

  • Possibility to retrigger the sequencer in 4 points.

Skull_001 Video: