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A project log for Smart Solar Lamp

A solar powered led light that turns on at human presence with switch mode configurable charge control and constant current led drive

gorkyGorky 05/12/2015 at 11:190 Comments

I have made a couple of updates on the board like paying a bit of extra attention to power lines. Also made a small change in usb power connection, so device will be powered from usb without batteries.

Hope everything is all right. The board is quite big and I might have ended up with a much smaller smd design but I think this is way more easy to put together especially for makers who wants to replicate this. An smd board with wifi is hopefully something I will do next.

So what's next. I am fiddling with Bender to for a casing. Will do the first case from balsa wood if all goes well I will try to get the parts 3d printed. Yes I don't have a 3d printer. Luckily there are plenty of places available where I can get 3d prints.