Node.js refactor progress

A project log for LibManuvr

A multi-platform asynchronous operating system wrapper.

J. Ian LindsayJ. Ian Lindsay 09/01/2015 at 18:410 Comments

The past few months have been spent rebuilding the host-side Node.js implementation of Manuvr's protocol. Following it's completion, any manuvrable (not just Digitabulum) will be able to setup a session and exchange capabilities with the host. With no prior knowledge of the specific hardware, basic functions will still be available and allow specific drivers to be found and installed. From that point forward, making drivers for manuvrables will be as easy as writing a single javascript file. No knowledge of Manuvr's protocol required.

From the standpoint of firmware (this project), the node.js implementation will be used as a reference implementation against which the C++ code will be validated. Therefore, expect lots of upheaval in the next few months as the firmware components are brought into functional correspondence with the javascript.

Specific functionality that is targeted for refactor....

#Digitabulum is now in the manufacturer's hands until late September. And we are on-target to complete the javascript work by that point.

More to come....