Quantity   Component name
2 × ATSAMR21E17: Zigbee capable Radio Chip with CORTEX M0 Minimum 2 per sensor network (1 node and one base station) - additional 1 per node
1 × Raspbery Pi (A+ variant) Base Station Controller for internet connectivity and local data aggregation
1 × Cellular Modem Type to be determined
1 × Orbcomm Modem (Optional) If Satelite Connectiivity is desired
1 × Amateur Packet Radio Transciever (Optional) If Amateur Radio connectvity is desired
2 × Rechargeable battery Built to suit Solar availability and power requirements for nodes and base station
1 × GPS reciever Accurate Timing and location on demand
2 × Solar Panels 1 Each per node and 1 large one for the base station, to suit needs