New firmware morphs KIM into an 1802 Cosmac Elf - with Pixie display

A project log for KIM Uno: A simple KIM-1 & Cosmac Elf replica

A pocket-sized KIM-1/Cosmac Elf replica with added '6502 programmable calculator mode'. Parts cost is about $10.

OscarvOscarv 08/04/2017 at 01:101 Comment

Al Williams decided it was time to put an 1802 processor in the brain of the KIM Uno, morphing it into a Cosmac Elf. See his blog post here. Which triggered me to add a 1861 Pixie display to it. Using a $3 OLED, this now plays a nice set of vintage 1802 games - and thanks to Al's serial monitor code, it's a pretty mean and lean 1802 development environment. See my in-depth blog post for details. 

Here's a quick Youtube video of the UNO1802. 

That's all of $13 of parts in action... thanks, Al! Vintage computers never die.


Ed S wrote 08/04/2017 at 07:17 point

Excellent - twice the fun!

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