PCB Drill

Optically aligned PCB drill using USB camera

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A simple and accurate way to drill holes in one off boards and prototypes.

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FlorenceWiley wrote 04/13/2021 at 07:10 point

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Nh4x4jeep wrote 04/24/2019 at 22:37 point

Thanks for sharing this!  I looked for some description, scratched my head, then I'm guessing anyone else in the room could have seen the lightbulb go on and the Aha! look and a smirk on my face... :-p  This is the single most clever thing that I have seen in quite some time.  Sometimes the beauty of something is in it's simplicity.  It's kinda ironic b/c I JUST had my USB microscope out 2 nights ago reading the text off of faintly labeled chips.  OK, I'm going to put down my keyboard and dig out my Dremel drill stand!  

P.S. FWIW - I have an old air compressor that wouldn't inflate a tire, but does make a decent pulse of puffed air.  I run a hose (no nozzle) up the stand and zip tie it so it aims a the drill bit and keeps the area clear of drill shavings so I can actually SEE where the next hole will be.

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