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A project log for Tact-Tiles

A low-cost open-source scalable hardware platform for the development of interactive systems for deafblind people

Anderson AntunesAnderson Antunes 08/20/2015 at 19:510 Comments

The main cause that I wasn't able to build a improved prototype yet is the huge mistake of choosing the wrong footprint for the ULM2803. I couldn't find this component at my city so I wasn't able to check if it had the right size, only when it has been delivered from China one month later. So I had to create a new design and order it again, this time using my voucher from OSHPark.

I still had two months left for the construction of the prototype but I had troubles with customs and I couldn't get them on time before I left Brazil. These are some pictures of the boards that arrived in Brazil after my departure:

I'm now in Ireland, starting a scholarship programme in Computer Engineering. I'm loving this country, but until last week I didn't have a address to order things. My boards are now estimated to be delivered on 25 of August, so until there I have to wait.

There are two exciting new improvements in this version of the main board: