Final prototype almost done

A project log for Tact-Tiles

A low-cost open-source scalable hardware platform for the development of interactive systems for deafblind people

Anderson AntunesAnderson Antunes 09/19/2015 at 10:402 Comments

I’m only a few hours to finish the final prototype, but I wanted to share the current status with the community. Here are some photos from last night.

I’m still thinking in how I will be able to demonstrate in the new video the vibration of the pads. In the last video if you watch carefully I think you can notice the vibration but on last night’s test I wasn't able to tell which one was vibrating by looking at it, only by feeling and hear it. If you have some idea on how to show this on a visual demonstration please let me know!


Suzanne Barker wrote 10/30/2019 at 07:15 point

Final prototype almost done and you just check it at the time when you read the whole from blogs. I want to just check it in the time when you have to just get excited about all these things. I want to show you how can i make it better for me.

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