How to make VoIP telephone calls from Raspberry Pi

Have you ever thought about using your Raspberry Pi for VoIP telephony purposes? This tutorial helps you to achieve your goals.

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For VoIP communication, an IP (or VoIP) PBX is essentially needed. As a first step, you need to download an IP PBX, then install it. After this you need to add two new SIP accounts: One SIP account (numbered 100) will be used to register the SFLphone softphone (that will be installed on the Raspberry Pi), and the other one will be used to register Ozeki's demo softphone to be able to make a test a call. To make your Raspberry Pi ready to make and receive phone calls, you need to download and install the Linux-compatible SFLphone softphone. Setup a SIP account (numbered 100), then plug a USB headset into the Raspberry Pi to be able to communicate. To be able to make a test call, download and install Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, then launch the demo softphone. Setup a SIP account (numbered 200). Now you can see in your PBX that both SIP extensions are available, so they are ready to call.

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how i can install my sflphone on Raspberry pi? 

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