HelloSpoon robot.

HelloSpoon is a DIY social robot kit intended to feed children and elderly with upper limb difficulties while giving them a fun time.

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HelloSpoon is an affordable Android-based assistive robot with the shape of a baby elephant.
The mission of HelloSpoon is feed children and elderly with upper limb difficulties originated by an accident or illness while giving them a fun and entertaining moment.
It has a 4 DOF robotic arm, built with Dynamixel XL-320 actuators and an OpenCM-9.04 board for the control.
The main feature of HelloSpoon is the use of a smartphone app to give all the social capabilities. Thanks to this smartphone app HelloSpoon is able to talk with the user, understand what they are saying, play songs, display facial animations according to the situation, etc. Also thanks to the smartphone is possible to offer a very affordable solution in comparison with the ones in the market.
Is very important to mention that HelloSpoon is an Open Source project and all the files needed to build your own are available through Github.
You can learn more about HelloSpoon going to its website.

  • 5 × Dynamixel XL-320
  • 1 × OpenCM-9.04
  • 2 × Li-ION rechargeable battery
  • 2 × Battery chargers
  • 1 × ROBOTIS BT-210 Bluetooth module

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Josephowens wrote 03/23/2015 at 17:53 point

I love it! Having worked in healthcare I learned the importance of independence to patients can not be underestimated. This gives them the assistance I need while improving their feeling of empowerment.

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Luis Garcia Gonzalez wrote 04/20/2015 at 00:11 point

Hi! I'm glad you love HelloSpoon robot :-)

Hopefully more people will see the actual potential behind a solution like this one!

Have a great day :-).

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