Update #1

A project log for Galileo's Finger

A open source tool that aids in the learning of the sky map in amateur astronomy.

Brendan ArdaghBrendan Ardagh 04/19/2015 at 12:340 Comments

To date we have both been inundated with other work, we are students first after all. Our latest plan of action is re-developing the build into a kit that can be laser cut and used reliably. We decided that a custom board with integrated drivers etc. would be cool, it really is more of an exercise in custom development and design than a real necessity. We've started that development and will post updates as we go, but it won't be a particularly fast process. I'd reckon about 2 months will a working prototype MkII is ready.

Thanks to everyone who skulled and followed :) It's motivational to know people are interested, you guys make a difference.