Big inductive charging mat

My goal is to power an Lcd screen with inductive coils.

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To power 4 Lcd screens that have inductive coils on the backs that are magnetically connected to an 18x22 inch mat that has coils in it as well. The big mat will be plugged into the wall so it will have power. I hope the picture helps. I get how it should be built kind of just wondering if its possible. Any help would be awesome thank you!

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Josephowens wrote 03/23/2015 at 14:53 point

Like many things, the working details are a little more complicated. Keep in mind that you are actually designing two antenna systems that need to be very exactly matched or losses will be horrendous. Any distance between them is going to drive losses very high very fast as well. Unless you are looking to drive the monitors some distance from the pad this would be a very expensive and complicated replacement for the power cord coming into the mat. If you are looking at driving the monitors at any distance then this wouldn't work but you could look at some of the experimental rf power transmission systems...but that starts getting mega expensive for a power cord replacemen

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