First Step: A Nondestructive Battleground

A project log for Circuit Wars

Kill the other Chip! In this Chess-like game of electronics skill, you must disable or destroy the opponent's microcontroller chip.

Les HallLes Hall 03/21/2015 at 09:420 Comments

well I don't have any inductors but I do have some magnet wire, R's C's, Q's and various chips for creating a battleground. It seems however to make sense to define some standard circuit for the initial competitions. The chips, however, cost $2+ each in small quantity and I only have so many of them, so why not design something safe? How about a battle to activate the other processor's RESET function? This can be a practice category for learning and testing that is chip-safe. Hard core high voltage duels with shorts and spikes can wait until later.

I could make a secret logic function using a referee chip in the middle of the two combatants. The referee listens to the signals from the five i/o pins of the warrior chips and does it's hocus pocus, perhaps from a pseudorandom key based on a human time interval in pressing a button, to decide when to apply reset to the adjacent processor. Something like that...