Move by Move

A project log for Circuit Wars

Kill the other Chip! In this Chess-like game of electronics skill, you must disable or destroy the opponent's microcontroller chip.

Les HallLes Hall 03/21/2015 at 15:570 Comments

I got to talking with Don S. of the 10BitWorks Hackerspace and he asked me if this could be a nationwide thing. I thought a moment and recalled the old game of Battleship. A9 A8 A7 "You sank my battleship!" Well, a breadboard has a letter-number designation for each of the holes and the parts have designations for each of the pins (when it matters), so it would be fairly straightforward to develop a game notation much like a chess game notation but a bit like battleship also for Circuit Wars.

This means that the game can be played remotely or even virtually by simulation. A hybrid digital/analog simulator with a set of processor models could simulate much of what is happening on a real hardware implementation. This opens up another category of competition, the simulation game, and it also opens up the possibility of playing the game when opponents are located remotely.

So now there is no need for travel to compete at the international level - this makes the likelihood that the game will be widely used much more practical. Also, as far as sponsors the electronics suppliers are already sponsors of Maker events, so I know where to look for sponsorships. tres cool!