Audible Zaps and More

A project log for Circuit Wars

Kill the other Chip! In this Chess-like game of electronics skill, you must disable or destroy the opponent's microcontroller chip.

Les HallLes Hall 03/21/2015 at 18:260 Comments

So we have established that Circuit Wars can be played remotely or by simulator and if we add inductors and transistors, chip-destroying high voltage spikes can become part of the game. What would be even more cool would be if we used speakers as inductors, causing their destruction to be audible if within hearing range. Also the process of tuning a circuit for highest output voltage to further create destruction would be more audible if the capacitors in the kit had values selected for resonance or switching in the audio range.

Similarly, LEDs may be used as diodes to shunt such attacks, causing bright flashes of light as they fail or intense light as they succeed. Beyond the use of inductors, transistors add another level of attack technique by boosting the charge delivered to the opponent's chi(s). Transistors can be part of circuits that invert or boost voltage as well.

So it seems that a properly selected set of components is critical to the fun of Circuit Wars!