Single Finger IO Device For Spinal Cord Injuries

An alternative input device using single finger swipe gestures. Designed for people with spinal cord injuries.

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This accessibility device enables an individual to control the cursor and type using swipe gestures with a single finger. The device designed for people with limited mobility due to paralysis caused by spinal cord injury (SCI). It could be used as a bed-side device with independent battery power and wireless Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

  • Built with Open Hardware components: Arduino with Touch and Bluetooth shields.
    Pre-programmed with One-Touch keyboard that allows input by swipe gestures with one finger (or similar touch surface).
    Operating System independent. Works with both desktop computers and tablet, mobile devices.
    2.8" TFT touch screen for easy configuration and One-Touch keyboard training tutorials.
    3D Printed case with clamps for bedside use or attachment to wheelchair. Could be also customized for individual use.
    Powered by rechargeable AA batteries.
    New features could be added by loading programming scripts.

Additional Non-Accessibility Uses:

  • Assign hot-keys to launch frequently used programs or commands.
  • Device could be used as environmental control device.
  • With some modifications, this device could used as touch interface in Open Hardware Internet of Things (IOT) projects.

Advisory Team:

This is project made possible with the support of these people.

  • Sofian Tallal, Product Design
  • Leo Jofeh, Electronics and 3D Printing
  • Jack Russel, Electronics
  • Nelson Rodrigues, Innovation and Strategy
  • Kerou, Sponser

  • 1 × Arduino Micro
  • 1 × Parallex 2-axis joystick
  • 2 × momentory push buttons
  • 1 × breadboard Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 6 × Male cables

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  • SeeedStudio TFT display display shield

    Arky04/25/2016 at 05:27 0 comments

    This morning I received the Seeedstudio TFT Touch shield ( ) from Shenzen, China. Thanks and big shout out to our project sponsor

  • Design Interations: Various Prototypes

    Arky04/22/2016 at 15:24 0 comments

    These are few prototyping iterations being carried out:

    1. Joystick + Two push button controller with Arduino (Status: Success)
    2. Touchscreen (4-Wire) controller with Arduino (Status: On-Going, Programming Stage)
    3. TFT Touchscreen controller with Arduino (Status: Waiting for TFT to arrive from China)
    4. Bluetooth 3.0 Integration
    5. External Case Design + Battery Intergration

  • Arduino Micro Prototype

    Arky04/22/2016 at 14:46 0 comments

    To select the best platform for this device, I build a simple Joystick controller prototype. with Arduino Micro. The 2-axis joystick controls the mouse cursor and two push buttons emulate left and right click.

    1 × Arduino Micro

    1 × Parallex 2-axis joystick

    2 × momentory push buttons

    1 × breadboard Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

    6 × Male cables

    5 × cables

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