Mandocello guitar

Converting a travel guitar into a mandocello

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This might be a little outside the usual remit of hackaday, but I guess since I'm turning one musical instrument into another, it's kind of a hack. Mostly I'm putting this up here to add a little impetus towards getting it done!

It should be a fairly basic conversion, as it's just a matter of replacing the 6 strings of the guitar with four courses of two strings for the mandocello.

To do this I will need to:
- remove the original strings and tuning heads
- fill the holes in the headstock and bridge
- drill new holes and put in the new tuners
- rework or replace the nut to space the new strings properly
- string it up

So far I have removed the strings and tuning heads, and bought some plug cutters to make plugs to fill the holes. To actually make the plugs, though, I'll either need access to a pillar drill, or some sort of elaborate jig to hold a power drill in place. Or there's always the fallback option of sandpaper and a lot of time...

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