Shower water repurposer

The idea is to take the water used in a shower to use for flushing the toilet, there is no sense in using drinkable water for that

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The idea is to take the water used in a shower to use for flushing the toilet (or any other suitable purpose), there is no sense in using drinkable water for that. I don´t have a garden or any other use for "gray water" (Thanks Greg Kennedy for the tip), although it could eventually be added to the design; so the only use for the moment is to flush the toilet.

  • 3 × water valve
  • 2 × tower sg90 servo motor to open/close the water valves
  • 1 × Water tubing
  • 1 × LCD display
  • 4 × CRTOUCH Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits / Misc. Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

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  • I hope i make it to the next round

    leandro08/18/2015 at 00:17 0 comments

    Hi, i uploaded the video today, tomorrow i´ll be posting some photos.

    I had to wait to the last minute because i wanted the system to be operational for the video, but i'm having some troubles with shaky servos and not much sensing sensors. It worked fine in the simulated version that I designed on 123d circuits, but real life is hard...

    Hopefully, i´ll soon make a new video when the system is fully working and also i´ll upload the arduino code.

  • getting there

    leandro08/11/2015 at 02:58 0 comments

    almost finished

  • More

    leandro08/07/2015 at 00:29 0 comments

    The code worked very well, so i decided to make it more complicated. I added a reserve tank to save more shower water if the toilet tank is full with an overfill-avoid-pipe. The new code works well also.

    There's a new drawing to show the modifications. I am keeping the previous ones as references.

    The scale model is halfway done, probably i'll finish it this weekend.

  • Schematic

    leandro07/30/2015 at 19:59 0 comments

    Sorry for the autorouting (i made while working), i'll post a proper schematic later

  • Code is done

    leandro07/30/2015 at 18:52 0 comments

    The code is done and working. It wasn't as hard as i expected.

    The servos and LED´s are working fine.

    Now i can start building the scale model y test it.

    Soon i'll post pictures of the build in progress and next.. "The video"

  • Coding

    leandro07/28/2015 at 02:44 0 comments

    Dealing with the code for the ATMega328 to drive this project...

    I am learning as i go, I hope that it's finished on time.

  • Update

    leandro07/25/2015 at 01:15 0 comments

    I have changed the concept design a little bit (i left the previous one for reference)

    I've started playing with the servos, soon i´ll be posting pictures of the making of the scale model.

  • update

    leandro07/01/2015 at 01:08 0 comments

    I'm thinking about adding a Rainwater tank as backup/expansion.

    Soon i´ll start making the scale model

  • updated components list

    leandro06/10/2015 at 22:39 0 comments

    I updated the list of components, still a few missing

  • Shower water repurposer

    leandro05/21/2015 at 13:12 0 comments

    Added concept drawing

    Next will be adding system details

    Later build a working scale model

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Tamara Gagliardi wrote 07/27/2015 at 07:04 point

Great way to re purpose your water.  I know of some people that have a bucket collecting drinkable water while the wait for the water to get warm and later use it for gardening. 


Currently working on:

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leandro wrote 07/30/2015 at 19:41 point

thanks, i saw your project, it looks great. This kind of projects don't get much attention now because people have water in their homes and don't think ahead...

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robin_is_goed wrote 05/26/2015 at 08:35 point

wow exactly what I was planning to do, except that I need an extra pump to pump gray water to the toilet. Also I wouldn't put the fresh water intake and the graywater on one system, you should keep it separated (It's even forbidden to do that in my country, but they have no way of knowing except if there is a bacteria outbreak). 

Just run the freshwater intake directly to the toilet and place a small buffer tank in between.

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leandro wrote 05/26/2015 at 12:52 point

Thanks for the input, i drew that as an schematic, but the fresh water enters through the existing toilet connection and the gray water would enter through a different new connection. 

The number of pumps needed would depend on the location of the bath and the toilet..

The ideal case would be a new house where you can take this system into account when building it.

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leandro wrote 05/22/2015 at 16:50 point

Thanks!, i´ll look into it.

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Greg Kennedy wrote 05/21/2015 at 21:10 point

"Gray water" is the term you are looking for.  See also: watering your lawn with used laundry water, etc

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