Ripping speed plot from currently finished production runs

A project log for Fred the Ripper

Fred the Ripper (FtR) is a CD-ripping (or recording if you want) robot based largely on the acrylic "uArm" 4-axis desktop arm.

EnkiEnki 02/26/2018 at 22:250 Comments

As I have already 3 production runs behind me I thought why not summarize some information about them (mainly the ripping speed) on a graph. This was done partly to confirm my suspection that Audio-CDs were being ripped very slowly. This has been confirmed by the data. The information gathered during the production runs has been summarized using the '' script (check scripts/ in repo) and plotted using gnuplot:


As you can see the ripping speed of Audio-CDs is much less than for data CDs (more time on the vertical axis). The reason for this is unclear as of now, it may be just that the Audio-CD disks are much more worn out causing the drive to work harder with error correction.