Day #2, 11th Feb

A project log for S.T.E.A.M. FABRIKARIUM

S.T.E.A.M. Fabrikarium project is focused on improving capabilities of the differently abled.

Anool MahidhariaAnool Mahidharia 02/11/2018 at 17:400 Comments

Day #2 at the Fabrikarium started off with a quick recap of the various projects to help the participants decide the one they would like to build. Everyone listed out their skill sets and choose a project to work on, followed by some interesting skill-mapping diagrams. By lunch time, all the teams were in place and raring to get started. Post lunch, Binit give a quick short talk on the process of Design Thinking to get everyone in the right frame of mind to get hacking. 

And then it was time to get started with prototyping. There are going to be at least two Bionico arms being built, and possibly another one based on a design from the Jaipur Foot NGO.

For the Braille Rap project, which aims to convert a regular 3D printer and turn it in to a braille embossing machine, I was excited to see that my old ShapeOko CNC build was dusted off to be used for this project.

The e-trotti team plans plans to build a retrofit electric drive mechanism to power regular manual wheelchairs.

The last team got working on the Flying Wheelchair project, with help from my friend and Asylum Mentor Faisal who is a bicycle designer and mechanic. 

In the evening, myself, Bodo Hoenen, and Delphine from My Human Kit talked about the importance of documentation and gave a walk through of the interface which the teams will be using to document their projects.

We wrapped up the day with a panel discussion on Open Source Hardware, chaired by Carine Claude.