We saw the need for something like this after our experiences in college. A fellow classmate was raped and murdered in a park right by our house in broad daylight. It changed everything for the worst on campus and trust was at an all time low between students.

Seeing these blue light towers around campus, literally everywhere, gave the false sense of security. We asked why aren't these mobile? Through that question and these experiences we created Guard Llama. The form factor was created through countless hours of research with sexual assault survivors. They told us what would work and we created it.

Our application and hardware are developed and being tested currently as of 3/25/2015. We have created valuable partnerships with National Women's Organizations and are confident we will save lives.

We created a custom computer aided dispatch (CAD) on the server side, which allows for the fastest dispatching of police in the world. By working with dispatch monitoring experts, some who helped create the current 9-1-1 system, we are ready to revolutionize the way people get help when they truly need it.