eVTOL Modular Flying Car

eVTOLs (air taxis) need vertiports (helipads). And you need a car to get there. Better combine eVTOL and car modularly.

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eVTOLs are aerial vehicles that can takeoff and land vertically, using battery power.
Four reasons for the eVTOL Modular Flying Car:

1. eVTOLs require vertiports - a costly investment. Plus you need a car to get there. The quicker a vertiport can handle in- and outgoing traffic, the better. Linking car and eVTOL is more time-, cost- and space-efficient.

2. By taking car and eVTOL separately, each one can be made to comply to road vehicle and airworthiness regulations much easier than 'fused concepts' like Terrafugia TF-X.

3. The chance to bring a true Next-Generation electric vehicle. More battery-efficient. A better fit for self-driving. Safe. And no tax incentive needed to sell.

4. Airbus brought a modular eVTOL Car too (called Pop.Up). Consider this recognition. Mine is better.

My concept already received recognition at the the Detroit Auto Show and by the AHS (American Helicopter Society). Now it's time to move on.

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