Quantity   Component name
1 × Server exhaust fan The primary component in this, it provides airflow, along with a quick and painless death for the mosquito that comes in contact with the blades
1 × 9.6V RC car battery Common in many households, they provide cheap portable power for hours of use.
1 × 4" CCFL tube with 12V driver Was found through testing with the fan off to attract mosquitoes, doubles as an aiming assist in the dark.
1 × Lighted rocker switch exactly what it sounds like
1 × 4" diameter x 5" long cardboard tube serves as the intake barrel. found by trial and error to be long enough to aim but short enough not to be unwieldy
1 × 4" diameter x 2" long cardboard tube goes behind the fan notched with wire mesh, serves as the fan exhaust and holds the mosquito bits. easy detached to allow fast cleaning.
1 × Wire mesh small enough to trap prices of mosquito