Log #4

A project log for Spiffchorder

Septambic keyer for use with wearable computing. using open source schematics and software.

DesrevertegDesreverteg 08/18/2015 at 09:451 Comment

Update on the current status of the project.

I have fully dissassembled the spifchorder and I am in a brainstorming stage to get a really solid desktop chorder idea in my head.

Some really great ideas were generated after a brainstorming session with Brian who is working on some really amazing chording projects right now.



Brian McEvoy wrote 08/24/2015 at 14:27 point

Next time I see you I will give you these 3D printed keys and switches. It's up to you to mount and them! I'll include the switches though.

They work well. They don't feel quite as good as the wooden version I showed you but they work well. As an experiment maybe you can test with different alignment or even resting them on their side. As a desktop keyboard they're strange unless you're used to chording. They also make a racket because they're Cherry microswitches but a proper "typing racket."

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