Project Log #5

A project log for Spiffchorder

Septambic keyer for use with wearable computing. using open source schematics and software.

DesrevertegDesreverteg 08/27/2015 at 00:440 Comments

Most exciting project log yet!

Bran McEvoy was generous enough to gift me a plastic switch assembly that is orders of magnitude more ergonomic and usable than anything I have ever made or encountered.

This is a picture of the entire system.

Circuit enclosure

The enclosure was a standard sized Altoids mint tin I had on hand.

I covered the bottom and edges in blue vinyl electrical tape to avoid shorting out the circuit.

I then filed out a place for the usb cable.

Finally I poked 14 holes near where each of my ground and positive leads would exit the enclosure.

Connected Leads

The positive and ground leads were attached to compatible spade connectors and attached to the switches. (this was made much easier by following Brian's good advice of labeling EVERYTHING.)