Hacking the PHR-803T blu-ray pickup

We hacked this famous blu-ray pickup and we use it to print PCBs

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One day we were playing with a Xbox blu-ray sled trying to turn the laser on and we thought: could the blu-ray laser be used to print circuit boards?

The sled has an ultraviolet laser diode and maybe we can sensitize dry-film or presensitized boards with it.

Eight months later we did it using the famous Toshiba PHR-803T blu-ray optical pickup.

The PHR-803T is a masterpiece of engineering manufactured by Toshiba. But nowadays optical storage technology has been largely superseded by other technologies like flash memories.

The pickup incorporates some interesting components:

Three laser diodes: UV 405nm (HD-DVD), Red 650nm (DVD) and IR 780nm (CD)
A focus lens and coil servos for auto-focus, tracking and correction angle.
A photodiode array which receive the RF signal and help also focusing on.

We took control of almost everything and we are using it to print PCBs at 600dpi.

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Edwin Hwu wrote 08/23/2018 at 20:20 point

Cool! maybe you can also check my hackings:

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johnowhitaker wrote 04/05/2016 at 19:17 point

Came across your project while researching my own (similar)  idea. Very nice implementation! Maybe some photos etc of the printer and results from the diyyouware writeup could be posted here as well? Most folks don't click the links unless they're in the description :P

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