Khudkar Ghar

Khudkar is Urdu for Automatic and Ghar is Home
This project is a smart home, with as little hassle/expense as possible.

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how about a new SWITCH BOARD - for wall outlets.

from the outside looks like a normal switch-board, 8 switches lets say
YES, an electrician will be needed to put it in - from the back it should have CLEAR screw connectors for lights etc.

from the inside, it has BLE or Wifi or RF (2.4GHz connecting to one central switch board with Wifi/BLE/network connection) - Has a current meter to measure the consumption of the room, can check consumption of individual devices by some clever programming and overall house stats can be checked/visualized/tested.

* and so I commented and so I have made this project...

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s.sathiyakumar wrote 06/28/2016 at 16:37 point

let me know the  full functional details to

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