Stand-down plug

Turn it off, turn it right off, but only what you want to turn off

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Most devices when you turn them off go into a standby mode. constantly poling an IR sensor read to turn them back on again.

This device will take an idea that already exists, a "standby eliminator plug" and upgrade it.
the main problem with the standby eliminator plugs is that they have a single outlet, so you plug a multiway adapter into this, and then use it to turn off all your devices...

Except you then need some constant "on" plugs for your devices that you want to stay on, like your PVR because it's supposed to record stuff whilst you;re out the house. or your Raspberry pi media center because you don;t want to cut the power before shutdown etc!

This device will have multiple switched outlets,

The device will have a single IR sensor that will look for the turn on/off codes from specific devices, and then use those codes to turn off the devices in question.

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