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    Step 1

    step1 first u got to make a structure of ur hand. we have used the pvc (plastic ) pipe to make the hand hollow structure. for the wrist and palm part we have used metal sheets that can be easily bend. the major connecting part is the mechanics. we used the strips of mechanics kit (game) to connect all the parts.

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    Step 2

    step2 once ur hand structure is ready u first check each and every bend of the structure, it should move as our normal hand. after thestructure i working good, u need trhe following components

    1. arduino uno board

    2. flex sensors

    3. servo motors

    4. Bluetooth chip

    5. 6V rechargable batteries
    6. jumper wires

    7. breadboard

    8. 1ohm resistor.

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    Step 3

    step 3 after u have all the components attach the servos on the joints, to perorm the movement. take a white glove that is long till our biceps, attach the flex sensors on the joint. now use the arduino board to connect the flex sensors and servo. connect the servos to the external batteries. and then upload the code to arduino.