Implementing The Teensy-LC

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Zero Cost Dumpster Diving Solar Project

frankstripodfrankstripod 06/08/2015 at 17:530 Comments

I want to thank Hackaday for the Teesnsy-LC I won in the "We're Giving out 125 Teensy-LC Boards this Week", part of the $50K IN PLAY contest! Thank you! I am excited to use this FREESCALE based part!

Implementing The Teensy-LC

1. To track the sun, aligned photo transistors or solar cells will connect to the Teensy-LC, which will relay a motor to rotate the lens. I decided a one axis tracking system would be the easiest and cheapest for now, and I will deal with the disadvantages of having to setup the correct angle of the sun each day.

2. To find the melting point of commonly found elements, as mentioned on, by setting up fuse type system, breaking a connection of the remotely connected Teensy-LC, to record temperature on an infrared thermometer.

First common conductive elements to test:

I want to set these up as wires in rows on a firebrick, at a safe distance.
Also, if I can get the temperature high enough, I would also see if I could duplicate this sand conversion:

3. Eventually I hope to find an alternative solar device, because of the underestimated power of the sun.

I wanted a diagram, but being a little short on parts right now makes it difficult to nail down some of the details. I'm giving KiCad a try, so please excuse the mess: