Hello friends, today I introduce this wonderful digital electronic clock temperature voltage module from ICStation in details. This product is developed by ICStation Team recently.We share it to you and welcome all friend to evaluate this product freely.With your kind suggestions, ICStation team will be better.This product is selling on our website now:http://www.icstation.com/product_info.php?products_id=3371 Hope all of you will like it a lot!

Applicable Occasions:
1.Electronic calendar
2.Digital clock
3. Environment temperature detection

1.5 different kinds of display mode:
(1) only show time(2) only show the date (3) only show the temperature (4) only show voltage (5) time, temperature alternating display
2.Use DS1302 clock module to provide accurate time.You can set or adjust the time.When power off, time will go on because of CR927 backup battery,.
3.The module can be used as a voltmeter to measure voltage(the input voltage must be more than 7V).
4.The module can measure the temperature where it works.
5.This module small,exquisite and takes up little space. (Length:40 mm width:13 mm height:17 mm)
6.This module can display clearly in the bright place because of good digital tube.
7.With the function of 24 hours timing error correction settings.

1.Input voltage:5V-15V
2.Measuring input voltage:07V-15V
3.Voltage resolution:20mV
4.Output Current:0.02A-0.04A
5.Temperature range:-20ºC-59ºC
6.The adjustment of temperature precision range: - 5 ℃ ~ 5 ℃
7.Temperature Resolution:1ºC

Step 1: Diagram

Step 2: Actual Pictures :1.time

Step 3: 2.Temperature

Step 4: 3.Voltage

Step 5: 4.Date

Step 6: Functional Description

Step 7: Operating Instructions

1.Press the key1, into the "minutes" Setting interface, and then press the key2, set values .

2.Press the key1,enter the time "the hours" setting interface, then press the key2, set values

3. Press the key1, into the voltage regulation setting interface, and then press the key2, set values .

4. Press the key1, into the setting of the temperature control interface, and then press the key2, set values .

5. Press key1, back to the clock display interface

6. Press the key2, displays the "day" and "month"

7. Press the key2, display the input voltage

8. Press the key2, display temperature

9. Press the key2, temperature display and switch between the clock display

Press the key2, back to the clock display interface

Step 8: Related Questions

Q1:Why the measured voltage value is wrong?
A1:This is because the input voltage must be equal or larger than7 v.

Q2.When you measure the voltage or temperature,why the display value changes slowly?
A2:This is because the measured voltage and temperature is displayed for 0.5 second each time.

Q3.When measure the temperature, why the display value is not very stable?
A3:This is because that the resolution of the temperature is 1 ℃ and small change of temperature will cause the change of display value.