Preliminary data collection complete (almost)

A project log for Open Source Industrial Smart Camera

A low cost, full featured open source, industrial camera

apodiantApodiant 06/08/2015 at 01:430 Comments

I have found that with my busy schedule, that I am having troubles keeping up with the schedule I have set for this project. I had wanted to have the schematics done by this point, but have only started drawing them on paper.

The major parts have been decided upon and sourced excluding one.

The major parts are as follows.

CPU: i.mx6SL (With GPU, no e-paper interface). I have decided on this due to the ease of use. The Linux distribution is mature and has many active developers. The GPU can also be programmed with openGL. OpenCV will handle CPU image processing.

Image Sensor: I have chosen the MT9M021 from aptina because I have the most experience with this imager and the price is suitable for this project. The datasheets are also available without a NDA.

DC/DC will be accomplished with the NCP1082DEG/MMPF0100 ALA the imx6sl dev. board.

POE: Still a work in progress. Would like to use the smallest isolation transformer possible.

The RAM will be Micron DDR3 MT41J125M16 RE-125 (512MB) up-gradable to dual MT41J256 RE-125(1GB).

Storage: The boot rom will be a spi NOR flash. Part number and size yet to be determined.

Main flash storage is also yet to be determined, I had hoped to use eMMC, but am having problems sourcing parts.

There will also be a micro SD card slot for programming/testing/image storage.

Ethernet PHY: The LAN PHY will be LAN8720 ALA the iMX6SL dev board as they are dirt cheap and have good support.

The case design is finished and I am currently sourcing a fab shop to mill the front and back cases. The enclosure will be an off the shelf TEKO enclosures case. This will increase the price, but will make things easier for people wanting to build their own.

That is where I am at as of this point. Does anyone have any ideas for main storage? It looks like flash is a hard thing to come by these days.