Low Water Usage Residential Shower

Idea for a method of drastically reducing water usage in the shower, while keeping a relaxing feeling environment.

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It helps if one lives in California right now, but anyone can see the need for water conservation is increasing these days. If one lives in an apartment, cutting back on shower water is about the biggest individual thing they can do to help.
The simplest way to reduce water usage in the shower is to eliminate it; either using a sponge bath, or a system like the fog shower proposed by Buckminster Fuller - essentially a home-use pressure washer for humans. While either is capable of cleaning someone with less than a gallon of water (just a fraction of an ordinary shower), both leave one standing naked and freezing in their bathroom.
I propose a modest-sized steam unit for the residential apartment. Something strong enough to turn a typical shower enclosure into a comfortable steam area. Bonus points would integrate a high-pressure fog hose. But the key thing is to keep people warm, creating a steam that exfoliates, relaxes, and keeps all the feeling of a shower without the waste water.

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Jacob Christ wrote 06/15/2015 at 02:36 point

I use water for about 75-95 seconds during my shower, about 20 seconds to get wet and the rest to get soap off.  I have a delta faucet that maintains the hot / cold ratio when the water is off.  I've noticed that the water is getting soft in my area (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) making it more difficult to get the soap off.

Good idea, when I discuss my bathing habits with friends most complain about getting cold with the water off.  If you just use an atomizer directly off the hot line this might do the trick without out any other hardware.

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