2bit Binary Adder

2-Bit Binary Full Adder displaying how logic gates work with EL wire, powered by Arduino Mega

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We have constructed a 2-bit binary full adder for our System Source Computer Museum. It adds two 2-bit binary numbers and converts the sum into decimal for simple arithmetic with a max sum of 6. Mounted on an acrylic sheet with the design we laser cut and engraved, the adder demonstrates adding operations through basic Boolean functions implemented by AND, XOR, and OR logic gates. The gates are controlled through input switches (acting as 1s if on and 0s if off) and an Arduino Mega board. To enlighten the display, we used blue Electroluminescent (EL) wire (connected to the Arduino through an El Escudo Dos board) to display how the gates operate. When the gates are on and true, the EL wire lights up and you can follow the logic path visually through the wires. The outputs light up through LEDS and the sum is converted to decimal number on a 7-segment LED.
  • 1 × EL Wire blue electroluminescent wire
  • 1 × acrylic sheet laserable white on black acrylic sheet from Inventables
  • 1 × Arduino Mega
  • 1 × El Escudo Dos Board powers the EL wire
  • 4 × Toggle Switches 0/1 toggle switches with LED light

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