Smart Garden Tarp is Off!

A project log for The Smart Garden

An Arduino IoT Farming Experiment

frank-vigilanteFrank Vigilante 04/14/2015 at 18:480 Comments

With the tarp off, The Smart Garden is starting to show its form! As previously stated, this project is aiming to mimic the science of a car engine. For any mechanics out there, think of the Smart Garden components like this:

Root System = Car Engine (In this case, I am working with a straight line 3 cylinder)

Arduino Board = Powertrain Control Module

8-Channel Relay = Power Distribution Center

Water Level Sensor = Fuel System Sensors

Temperature Sensor = Radiator Thermometer

Heat Cables and Fan = Radiator System

You can also see how I am taping up the wiring similar to the wiring in a car engine (I still need to drill the temp sensor and water pump into the planter):