Breaking Geographic Barriers With Data

A project log for The Smart Garden

An Arduino IoT Farming Experiment

frank-vigilanteFrank Vigilante 04/15/2015 at 05:000 Comments

Just by looking at the map of worldwide tomato production shown below, it is apparent that transportation costs represent a big factor in providing fresh tomatoes to certain regions of the world.

The beauty of the IoT revolution is that we can now monitor and analyze the the different variables that cause this apparent fragmentation of the density of produce production. The first Smart Garden is programmed based on my research regarding optimal tomato growth, however, all data will be logged for implementation into future efficiency gains. Just imagine a world where a tomato plant in Illinois is warned about a cold snap coming from Minnesota...or buying a Smart Garden from the store, and using your mobile phone to program it to the optimal setting based on the atmospheric conditions of your location. The possibilities are endless! Implementation of an IoT framework is of the utmost importance for this project.