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A project log for Smart Greenhouse using a Raspberry Pi & Launchpad

As a part of my work/private investigation regarding sensor networks and Internet of things, I am discovering the works using a toy project.

eelco.rouweelco.rouw 04/16/2014 at 21:270 Comments

It has been quiet the past few days. It has been a hectic week for work and a lot of family things kept me from undertaking radically new ideas. 

However, I've done some things... I've ordered a couple of plant sensors to be able to monitor all my plants. I've ordered some waterproof DS18B20 leads, which could be used to sense the plant's temperature.

Somehow I have been reluctant to build some server side scripts on my Raspberry Pi. I have some trouble with the PyNRF24 library. Somehow I'm not able to have duplex communication. Sending and receiving seems to be broken. It could be my auto acknowledge setting, but I haven't found the little culprit yet.

As an alternative I have been looking into the C++ library for the RF24. I've been reading on building custom extensions for Python, and it seems to be doable. It is great that both Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi have been outfitted with the complete GCC toolchain. It has been really helpful and I am currently brushing up my rusty C++ knowledge.

I have soldered a baseboard for the beaglebone that consists of a 5x2 female header to accommodate the NRF24L01+ module. Still pondering whether I should use my amplified versions or not.

Just some random ramblings. I am looking into getting the data into a database and showing graphs on a website. To be continued...