Quiet, but still going strong...

A project log for Smart Greenhouse using a Raspberry Pi & Launchpad

As a part of my work/private investigation regarding sensor networks and Internet of things, I am discovering the works using a toy project.

eelco.rouweelco.rouw 03/11/2015 at 08:120 Comments


It has been quite a while since I did my last post in this project. It has been a busy 6 months juggling with the family, the sale of our old house and a career change. Well, besides getting rid of my old job, house and lease car, several things happened. For instance, the ESP8266 happened, several boards from TI, the most notable the CC3200 and last but not least the release of the Raspi 2. The latter being a platform with a power consumption between the "old" B and "newer" B+ depending on the workload.

This created several opportunities on the hardware site. Running Lua on the ESP8266 enables me to connect to a MQTT server and publish/subscribe to service channels and data collectors. However, the footprint of Lua with MQTT is a little too much to handle for the ESP8266 and I am still wondering to what extent the ESP is able to do things intelligently. The 70mA power consumption is more attractive than the Raspi, especially with the deep sleep option of approx 1uA.

So everything is available for experimentation and most stuff is populating my desk. Due to my career change, I've finally been able to restart my project... So watch this space!

Regards, Eelco